October 10, 2016: Are you still wondering when Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will be launched in India? Should you work on it immediately? Or do you have some time? Some of you may have implemented it and not seen any benefits, but that’s about to change.

Here is an update that will catch your attention – Google has introduced AMP for content pages (including product pages) globally, starting with the US about 20 days back (September 20, 2016). As per Search Engine Land, it is expected to complete the global roll-out by the end of the year.

How much impact will AMP have on your mobile search traffic?

On one of our sister websites, www.organicfacts.net, we are currently receiving close to 67% of the US mobile search traffic on AMP. The number has gone up from close to 1% to 67% in just 20 days. That is a big number, right?

So, do you have a US-focused website? You need to pull an all-nighter today if you have not implemented AMP. If your majority audience is from other countries, including India, implement it at the earliest.

Note that having AMP version of a page will not help you rank higher on Google Search (at least now). AMP versions provide better user experience as they load faster and that is the reason why we love them. With the increasing traffic on mobile internet, the experience provided by AMP becomes quite important. Who does not love a website that loads in less than a second?

Is AMP already there in India?

Update (12 October 2016): We have found a gradual increase in traffic on the AMP versions of another sister site,  www.nearfox.com, from 23rd September 2016 with a rapid jump from 8th October 2016. NearFox gets its traffic primarily from India. Organic Facts has also seen a steep jump in AMP traffic from India from 8th October 2016.

So stay ahead of the competition by providing a better user experience to your mobile users. It is likely that your competitors may not be able to bring out an AMP version so quickly.

Are you also witnessing a jump your AMP traffic? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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