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WordPress has a bunch of nifty hacks and shortcuts that will help you save time. We’ve listed them down for you.

Go full-screen for zero distractions

To compose productively, you require zero distractions. The issue is, the standard WordPress editorial manager has a huge amount of diversions.

The straightforward arrangement is to change to a full-screen editorial manager, which gives you a stark-white canvas to work from.

The fundamental organizing tool, viz headings, links and lists, are still there, but they can only be accessed once you hover you mouse over it.

To get into the full-screen editorial manager , tap the full-screen symbol from your standard WordPress editor menu.

Switch heading styles in the blink of an eye

This hack is so helpful, you may end up attempting to utilize it in Google Docs and Microsoft Word. (Alas, it’s available only on WordPress!)

It permits you to change the heading style of a line of content with the tap of a key.

For example, to change a bit of content to a H2, put your cursor anyplace hanging in the balance, and press the accompanying keys:

CTRL+2 for Windows/Linux

CMD+2 for Mac

You can switch up the number here and change the going to anything from H2 to H6.

Also, here’s an ace tip: It works both ways!

Insert links without touching your mouse

While the right button to click for Read More is somewhat tough to use, the hyperlink option is so evident and tempting that it’s all most bloggers use for embeddings links

That is the reason WordPress geniuses utilize a keyboard shortcut.

Here’s the way: Select the content you need to link. Press CTRL + k  or CMD + k.

Obviously, despite everything, you’ll have to advise WordPress where you need to link.

Keep tabs on word count

Word count can be checked anytime under the post editor. The word count is at the bottom of the text box, just above the custom settings in the standard edition.

Put your mouse at the top of the screen so the menus pop up, and the word count will appear below in the full screen editor.

Skip media library; drop images right into your post

This one’s less of a WordPress hack and more of a recent addition.

You could earlier drag and drop images into the media upload window inside WordPress. It was effective and saved a lot of time.

In the new versions of WordPress, you can now drag and drop directly into the post, saving a lot more time.

Add categories and tags in bulk

Ever so often, you may need to upgrade categories or tags for different posts at once, either on the grounds that you understood a few were missing or you thought about another new tag that you needed to utilize.

Instead of experiencing each post one by one, try this.

Suppose you needed to include the tag “email” to each of your posts that specify email advertising tips.

From the principle “Posts” screen, utilize the “Search Posts” highlight to discover all posts with the catchphrase “email.”

On the outcomes page, put a checkmark alongside each of the posts that warrant the “email” tag.

Tap the “Bulk Actions” dropdown at the highest point of the page. Pick “Edit.”

A “Bulk Edit” menu will show up.

Clearly, these hacks will not just save time, but also make working on WordPress a much more enjoyable experience for you. Type away!

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