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Google Webmaster Tools is extremely important for both marketing and content functions. The essence of a smart SEO campaign is creating a variety of content, and that’s where Webmaster comes in handy.

If you’re already using Google Analytics, you require Webmaster Tools. Webmaster Tools gives you a chance to see your webpage as Google does, calling attention to issues with the crawl, code or links. The distinction is that Analytics permits you to assemble information on your present visitors while Webmaster Tools helps you shape vital campaigns to bring in potential visitors.

Once you’ve logged in, you can start harnessing the data awaiting you.

Search queries

The Search queries area indicates the flow of average keyword rankings, as well as CTR and organic traffic.

Investigate search query movement to see which keywords give chances, or how certain endeavors for a particular group of keywords are influencing rankings and CTR.

Patterns of movement

Other than normal position for the top hunt questions, which lead clients to your site in the long run, Google Webmaster Tools additionally gives normal positioning to individual pages on your site, including blog entries. This permits you to distinguish a few significant purposes of information:

  • Which substance is positioning best and worst
  • CTR for every page of substance
  • Content with awesome CTR, but a lower normal positioning
  • The information is useful for recognizing what kind of content or subjects get the most activity and ranks the best on web indexes

Keyword analysis

While enhancing particular keywords, seeing search queries by individual keyword uncovers which pages on your site are positioning the highest for that watchword. To view this information, click a keyword from the “Search Queries” table.

Site speed 

Site speed is turning into an undeniably vital figure for Google’s ranking calculation. Evidence proves that Google’s Hummingbird prioritized site speed, particularly when accessed from a cell phone, which is a solid sign of Google’s future course with respect to the significance of site speed.

Anything under 500 milliseconds is unacceptable and impatient users will start leaving your site.

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