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The “Global eCommerce: Lessons with Leaders!” is a podcast series by Growisto where we go behind the scenes with Founders, cxo’s, top industry leaders to uncover not just what they do, but also, how!

Our host, Pritesh Mittal sits down with some of the most influential players in Tech, eCommerce, and D2C to get them to open up about what’s really on their minds.

Tune in to learn more about Technology, eCommerce, D2C, Growth Marketing and much more!




Pritesh Mittal

COO, Growisto

Pritesh Mittal is the COO and Co-Founder of Growisto, an eCommerce marketing and technology consulting firm. An Alumnus of IIT Bombay and second-time entrepreneur, Pritesh has helped 150+ brands increase their online sales using technology and marketing. His expertise lies in Business Consulting, SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization, and Amazon Marketing.


How is Live Commerce Transforming Online Shopping and Customer Experience

Dushyant Aterkar, COO and Co-Founder – Wakaw Live

Scott Shopify

How to Build Custom Storefronts with Shopify using Hydrogen and Oxygen

Scott Dixon, Developer Advocate – Shopify

Jash Choraria

How to Select the Right Technology Stack for your Business

Jash Choraria, Founder – Unifynd Technologies

How can a Custom Technology Stack Help you Accelerate your Business Growth

Nakul Bajaj, CEO & Co-Founder – Darveys


CEO & Founder – EasyEcom

In this episode of the Global eCommerce Podcast, join Pritesh as he talks to Punit Gupta, Founder & CEO of EasyEcom – an omnichannel inventory management and reconciliation software. Punit shares his valuable insights into the basics of inventory & warehouse  management such as the right stage to implement it, the need of the system, benefits and uses related to it. The podcast also touches on other topics such as streamlining operations in various geographies, best practices for changing the order management system, etc. You will also get to know about other exciting problems that EasyEcom is trying to solve in order to further innovate their order management services.


CEO & Co-founder, Pilgrim

In this episode join Pritesh as he talks to Anurag Kedia, Co-Founder of Pilgrim – an all natural D2C beauty brand. The podcast navigates Anurag’s entrepreneurial journey that started way back in 2007. They talk about his early years to how he founded Pilgrim and became a veteran of the D2C beauty space. Some other topics of discussion include, future of D2C brands in India, the extreme competition in the beauty D2C space and the challenges faced by a growing startup during the covid crisis.