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If you doubt the power of digital marketing, you are probably too disconnected with the latest trends in this sphere. Digital marketing has taken over conventional marketing in a big way and not just in the US, but also in India. It has gained a lot of importance of late, and now almost every company is engaging with some agency or the other. Several companies are also setting up a special, in-house digital marketing divisions.

Digital marketing channels in India

Here is a brief outline about what is happening in the digital marketing space. All these channels are present in India and being used by digital marketers:

Paid digital campaigns

Paid campaigns involve paying other advertising platforms to get visibility/website visits/leads/orders. It is the easiest digital marketing method. You just have to link your credit card to advertise on Google, Facebook and other ad networks and start a campaign. Of course, optimizing the campaign requires effort, but you can scale up or pause your campaign with the click of a button. You can also reach out to digital platforms directly to get visibility. The drawback with paid campaigns is that they are, well, expensive! The two most common types of paid campaigns are:

Search Engine Marketing (SEM): Advertising on search engines such as Google.

Social Media Marketing (SMM): Advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO involves ranking your website higher on search engines such as Google and Bing so that people see and visit your website. Getting traffic from search engines is highly rewarding as it has a targeted, intent-based audience that is looking for the products, services or content that you are providing.

Social Media: We all know social media and use it on a daily basis. And yes, it is a great way of getting visibility for your brand at a very low cost, especially if you are a lifestyle business or you can churn out a campaign that wins hearts.

Apps: Apps (including progressive web apps) help you get space on a user’s mobile home screen. Getting an app install and retaining a user is difficult, but once done, it turns out to be a great boon to get repeat usage from your users.

Email Campaigns: This is one of the oldest digital marketing techniques and works well even today. Bulk of the effort goes in developing a good subscriber base and optimizing your email newsletters for the desired outcome.

Browser Notifications: Sending browser notifications is the latest method in digital marketing. When a person visits your website, you ask the user to allow you to send them a notification on their browser. You can send notifications almost daily to users who grant you permission. Browser notifications are intrusive in nature, but they are also highly effective in getting repeat users.

Content Marketing: Content marketing is writing or developing interesting content – whether text-based articles, infographics or videos. Once you have good content, you push it on different channels to get visibility for your business.

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