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Retail eCommerce is no longer restricted to mobile phones, electronics, books, and fashion products. Nowadays, shoppers around the world go online to buy household supplies, personal care essentials, and health & nutritional items as well. Super Value Days sees a big surge in purchases of such products every month.

So, what are Super Value Days?

Amazon hosts deals in the first week of every month – which are termed as Super Value Days. Needless to say, participating in Super Value Days becomes crucial for FMCG brands that operate in categories such as beauty & grooming, health & hygiene, household supplies, groceries, etc. 

What makes it attractive to customers?

We all know that most people plan recurring monthly expenses around the time they receive their salaries, which happens to be in the first week of the month. The product list includes essentials such as skin, hair, and personal care products, just to name a few. The more they buy, the more they save. Coupled with the convenience of receiving all the supplies in the comfort of one’s home, it becomes all the more alluring!

What’s in it for you as a seller?

Now that we’ve covered, the relevance and importance of Super Value Days, let’s dive into how you can make most out of it:

  1. Increase visibility through an aggressive ads strategy – The idea here is to push your products by aggressive bidding during the time when your conversion is expected to be maximum. Given that there’s a larger influx of daily use product shoppers during this period, you are bound to benefit from additional visibility than any other time of the month.
  2. Boost sales rank through competitive pricing – Ensuring your products are priced competitively improves visibility, and conversion rates, thereby boosting your sales rank. Focusing on Super Value Days thus has both short-term gains and long-term benefits.
  3. Improve conversions using special coupons – It’s all about the right place and right time during Super Value Days. Consumers actively look for everyday essentials therefore deploying coupons during this time period increases your probability of conversions.

From our past experience of working with brands in the health and personal care category, the first 10 days of the month are extremely crucial to drive sales. In fact, one should look to maximize your top line during this period and utilize the rest of the month to optimize your spends. 

Just as Super Value Days drive sales for the aforementioned categories, there are many other special events that are meant for other categories as well. It’s vital for seller to stay abreast of such high-volume sale days and chart out custom strategies to reap maximum benefits.

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