How is Live Commerce Transforming Online Shopping and Customer Experience

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What We Covered:

Tune into this episode to get interesting insights into:

  • Some of the major advantages that retailers or D2C brands would enjoy after implementing live shoppable commerce? 
  • What kind of brands are the best fit for live commerce? 
  • At what stage should a brand think about implementing live Commerce? Are there any key factors they need to consider before making the move?
  • What are the cost or budget considerations that brands need to keep in mind before implementing live commerce?
  • What kind of ROI can brands expect after implementing live commerce?
  • What has been the pattern of live commerce implementation in the global D2C space? 
  • What are some upcoming trends in live commerce that will be huge in the coming future?

About this Episode:

In this episode, join Pritesh as he chats with Dushyant Aterkar, who is the COO and Co-founder of Wakaw Live. With the help of Wakaw live, Dushyant has helped several brands in improving customer experience on the website by driving virtual Shopping with the help of live commerce.

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