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How to Build Custom Storefronts with Shopify Using Hydrogen and Oxygen​

Scott Podcast

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What We Covered:

Tune into this episode to get interesting insights into:

  • What is this new hydrogen and oxygen framework about?
  • What are the benefits of this framework? What are some use-cases related to the advantages brands will enjoy from this? 
  • At what stage should brands think about implementing this framework?
  • What are some of the key things brands should keep in mind before they decide to go ahead with this framework?
  • Will this framework have the Shopify checkout? 
  • Will there be any Shopify API rate limit that could be a possible limitation to this framework?
  • Are there themes available for this framework? Which are the good ones?

About this Episode:

In this episode of the Global eCommerce Podcast, join Pritesh as he chats with Scott Dixon. Scott’s a Developer Advocate at Shopify, located on the east coast of Australia. Formerly a Shopify app developer, developer bootcamp coach, and software engineer, he works closely with the Hydrogen and Oxygen teams. Hydrogen and Oxygen are two new frameworks launched by Shopify for building custom storefronts. Scott will be sharing his valuable insights into the working of these new models and their benefits to merchant websites.

Joining Pritesh as a co-host for this particular episode, we have our CPO, Gunjan Agarwal who has more than 15 years of experience in product and technology development. He will be driving the conversation primarily from a technical stand-point.



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