Pricing & Promotions Analysis

Skyrocket your Amazon sales by identifying the right pricing and promotions strategy for your products

We assess multiple pricing models on Amazon to determine what works best as per your specific business & category. To get better market insights, we also have an in-house crawler. This analyzes competition pricing and promotional offers and helps us identify the right price points.


Want to identify the sweet spot for your products' prices?

Market research

Identify consumer’s expectation on pricing and get detailed insights on market demand

Pricing Strategy

Identify a suitable pricing strategy based on product portfolio and competitor analysis

Deals & Coupons Planning

Utilize in-house tools to measure effectiveness of deals and coupons on Amazon, and make outcome-driven recommendations

Assess Price Competitiveness

Comparison of prices with historical data, competitors, and other eCommerce platforms

Product-Specific Pricing

Product-level pricing through product-specific research and evaluation of pricing techniques

Season-Specific Pricing

Analyze market and platform trends to get seasonality-based prices for your SKUs

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