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WooCommerce to Magento Migration

Migrate your e-commerce website to a robust and highly secure platform with an endless range of functionalities.

Replatform your e-commerce business to Magento to leverage its catalog & inventory management, high scalability, advanced customizations, and extensive community support. Over 250,000 e-commerce websites worldwide trust Magento as a feature-rich and secure platform that boasts great speed and performance and out-of-the-box features.


Want to know more about WooCommerce to Magento Migration?

Catalog migration

Migrating the catalog to a new structure can be tricky. Our expertise in Magento helps in setting up a well-defined structure that is easy to scale and maintain

Customer & order migration

Customer and order data is critical information that needs to be migrated smoothly. A correct sequence in the migration of the old data while maintaining the old ids is very important. Eg. it is always tricky to migrate customer passwords

3rd party extension & custom functionality migration

Migrating the extensions for taxation, payments, reviews & ratings, etc can be done effectively using custom modules instead of off-the-shelf functionality

SEO migration

It is crucial to map all the current SEO features to Magento fields and then migrate them. This helps in maintaining the SEO position post migration

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