Leading US Manufacturer Achieves 100/100 Google Page Speed Insights Score


The client is a leading online supplier of regulatory-compliant safety signs, labels and a wide variety of other workplace identification signage. A leading manufacturer in the US, they strive to provide the customer’s access to a more robust inventory of products that address every safety need.


The client website consisted of around 150k products and over 300k pages.

The key objective was to improve performance of the website, category pages, and product detail pages to enhance website conversions, user experience, and SEO rankings


Our team worked meticulously to figure out the target areas and created a step-by-step roadmap to improve them:

Phase 1: Migrated the website to a robust, scalable and flexible technology stack. Thorough monitoring of all the metrics was undertaken

Phase 2: Implemented all the best practices of CDN and caching

Phase 3: Undesired JS, CSS and HTML content was reduced to almost zero, thereby, reducing the page size

Phase 4: Implemented prioritized loading of content to improve performance and user experience

Key Highlights

  • Migrated the traditional monolithic architecture of the website to headless solutions using Adobe Commerce (Magento) backend & ReactJS frontend
  • Implemented CDN with Full-page caching to improve response time and reduces the load on the server
  • Set-up a Content Delivery Network to resize and optimize images to reduce page load
  • Setup automatic cache management to handle changes on 100,000+ products
  • Created a fallback caching of data in case of misses at CDN due to large number of products
  • Added placeholders and set up explicit dimensions for all images to reduce CLS
  • Applied lazy load to all below the fold images on all pages
  • Removed all unnecessary files or contents in the files to optimize page size
  • Optimized the SVG icons used on the headers to create a folder

Business Impact

All 6

Core Web Vitals Moved to Green

0 /100
Desktop Page Speed Insight Score

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