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  • Date: 20 March, 2018
  • Category: Development, Saas, App
  • Client: Hanson Deck

Growisto builds an SEO Strategy to help LBB further scale organic website traffic

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Increase in non brand monthly clicks for 28 day period
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About the Client

Little Black Book (LBB) is a community driven lifestyle platform facilitating discovery led commerce

The Situation

LBB wanted to increase organic traffic on website where monthly organic numbers were already significant

Our Expertise

Website Marketing – Build and implement an integrated digital marketing strategy to drive targeted audience to your website

The Solution

Technical Audit

Conducted a detailed technical audit to improve factors such as page speed, coverage issues and internal linking

Content Strategy

Created a detailed content strategy including keyword analysis, content suggestions and meta suggestions

Customized Keyword Ranking Reports

Created detailed keyword ranking reports with segregation based on themes, geographies and volumes and customizing recommendations as per the requirements

Creation of Topical Content

Conducted competitor analysis to identify keywords for which competitors were ranking (with a time frame of the past 2-3 weeks) and accordingly optimized the content on LBB’s website. Additionally, curated a calendar that catered to all the festivals (religious, music, theatre etc.) and events pan India

Client Testimonials

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