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Other Services for Sellers on Amazon

Get efficient and tested solutions for case-to-case business problems

No two businesses are the same. Then why should our range of solutions be common for all?

We believe in customizing services as per case-to-case needs of your business, rather than cookie cutter packages.


Want to get a unique business problem solved?

Demand & Inventory Forecasting

Use our in-house demand-sensing models – to estimate long term revenue targets and inventory pipeline for your business

Seller Performance Audit

Analyze pricing, product costs, shipping fees, inventory, ad campaigns, and promotions to identify areas where you are losing profits

Brand Protection

Identify unauthorised sellers and counterfeit product listings using our in-house tools

Buy Box Analysis

We use an in-house crawler to track Buy Box % on an hourly basis. Buy Box % play a key role in conversion rate, sales and eligibility for ads.

Market Valuation Based Assessment

Assess the potential to enter the market. Analyze Year-on-Year Market Share movement of the top sellers to determine category growth

Custom BI Dashboards

Get access to sales dashboards, ads performance tools, and other ready-to-use views, tailored to your business needs

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