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Business Intelligence

Maximize your marketplace potential with the power of technology & data

Your Need
To grow your business on Amazon, you must have an edge over others. You need to:

  • track your performance day in and day out
  • get ahead of your competition on the marketplace
  • capitalize on every opportunity to scale up, and
  • focus on the most impactful areas to achieve your targets

Our Solution
Look no further! With our best-in-class BI tools and technologies continuously working behind the scenes, you can sit back and relax. 
We, at Growisto:

Why Use These Tools?

We believe in high-efficiency and high-performance solutions
  • Real-time Competitive Positioning: Our tools help to identify movement in organic rankings and price changes on a real-time basis, helping you with significant time savings.

  • Multiple Geographies: Our BI dashboards provide you a holistic snapshot of your performance metrics across Amazon marketplaces for all geographies.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology: We make use of complex technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and Demand Sensing to connect all dots and identify patterns that a human mind may not be able to.  

  • Customized for your needs: We believe in tailored solutions that best fit your needs, over cookie cutter packages. We curate customized offerings and flexible dashboard views based on your business goals. 

  • Customized Email Alerts: Our tools send out automated email alerts based on predefined custom parameters.

  • Downloadable Data & Custom Filters: We can apply custom or pre-set filters to slice & dice your data the way you want. All of our dashboard data is downloadable on Excel for easier use and sharing.
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Our Services

Work with a dedicated team of experts to achieve your goals

Frequently Asked Questions

Our BI tools are developed on Power BI, Tableau & Google Studio

Project delivery can take between 30 to 90 days depending on the complexity of your requirements.

We build a custom made BI tool basis your requirement and then hand over the ownership to you.

During the development stage we sign an NDA agreement and take access to your business numbers. With regards to the post development stage, we work with 3 models wherein the access to data varies in each model. The details of this has been mentioned below:
1. Build and transfer model – no access to numbers post development
2. Build and operate model – we have access to numbers post development
3. Build and maintain model – we have access to numbers post development

We develop and deploy the tool on your server. Hence, you will have lifelong access to the tool.

Yes, we provide maintenance services as well

The data is updated on a daily basis. In certain cases, it can be updated on an hourly basis (if specified).

The BI tool is fully automated in case of data gathering. We use Amazon APIs and other sources to gather data on an automated basis. In case of certain specific business requirements, the same might be semi-automated

No. We do not offer SaaS model for Amazon BI tools. We custom develop these tools basis your specific requirements.

Our BI tools are specialized and custom built for the Amazon market place. We do not develop BI tools for other market places.

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