Focus on Big data

    What We Covered:

    • Brief sneak peek into our history
    • What do we do? – our service offerings and business model
    • Why are we in the ecommerce space?
    • What do we stand for? Our ethos, culture, and values
    • Founders and Leadership Team that will mentor and guide your growth
    • What we can offer to fast track your career and meet your professional and personal aspirations
    • Actual growth stories that team members have experienced and how you can embark on a similar path
    • Exclusive Q&A session with Pritesh Mittal (Co-Founder, Growisto) to address any and every career, growth, responsibilities, business model and service offering, etc. related questions

    About the Webinar:

    We strongly believe in a perfect match where both you and the company should be an ideal fit for each other. We also realize that it is very difficult for candidates to know about the company they are interviewing for or they are about to join.

    In this exclusive webinar, you will get to hear our Co-Founder, Pritesh Mittal. The goal of this session is to help you understand what we do and what we stand for at Growisto and address any and every question that you might be thinking about regarding fast-tracking your career growth!

    Our Speaker

    Pritesh Mittal is the COO & Co-founder of Growisto, an eCommerce marketing, and technology consulting firmAn Alumnus of IIT Bombay and second-time entrepreneur, Pritesh has helped 150+ brands increase their online sales using technology and marketing. His expertise lies in Business Consulting, SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion Optimization, and Amazon Marketing.

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