Analytics Setup

Dynamic Remarketing Pre-configuration

We connect your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts with each other so that you can use the “Dynamic Remarketing Advertising” feature in Google AdWords while executing your marketing campaigns.

User-level Analytics

We help you set up user-level analytics, enabling you to see timeline activity for specific users, survey your audience, engage users with automated messages, and measures the lifetime value of customers with powerful customer segmentation.

Domain and Roll up Tracking

Does your site ( have a blog that is located at Do you have a shopping cart that is on another domain? We help you set up multiple website analytics that enables you to track visitors as they browse through all of them.

Analytics Configuration

We provide a professional Google Analytics configuration which will fit your needs and enable you to track how much money you make or lose from every single ad you ever pay for.

Campaign Tracking

Proper tracking of marketing initiatives is a crucial aspect of any online business. We help you with link-tagging of destination URLs, which allow Google Analytics to accurately report the traffic you get from various sources.

Goal Tracking and Funnels

Goal Set Up and Tracking is the key to improve the ROI, be it lead generation, signup, or online sale. We help you determine the best implementation model basis your business objectives.